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Search Scoop: Week of March 10th

Anyone in the search marketing industry will tell you that it is a constantly changing industry. Google is frequently making changes to how they determine rankings, which means search marketers [...] Read More


Is Site Speed Important?

We oftentimes have conversations with our clients about their website speed and, invariably, this question pops up: Is my website speed really that important? Let me lay to rest this [...] Read More


Switching Back to the Old Google Maps

If you search for local businesses on a regular basis like I do, you’ve certainly noticed that Google updated Google Maps to a new layout. The biggest changes involved eliminating [...] Read More


Why Did Google Update PageRank?

It was a pretty normal Friday for me, when I read a news update from Search Engine Watch: Surprise! Google Updates PageRank Just in Time for Christmas. I can’t think [...] Read More


Is Google Stealing Your Traffic?

In the past couple of years one of the things I’ve found most amazing is Google’s ability to provide better data while I do less work. For example, if you [...] Read More