Paid Search Management & SEO

At Netvantage Marketing, our services are focused on search engine marketing. Our goal is to help your company generate results from online marketing.  Specifically, our paid search management and search engine optimization services will:

  • Increase search engine visibility for the keywords that pertain to your business
  • Increase qualified traffic coming to your site
  • Measure and track campaign and site performance

Our approach is to build an understanding of your business and work as a true partner to ensure our success and your satisfaction, not just get you short-term search engine rankings. Our first step in an engagement is to meet face-to-face or via conference call to determine the right approach to reach your target audience.

Paid Search Management

Paid search, (or pay per click) is one of the most targeted forms of advertising available.  We manage and audit Google AdWords campaigns. Whether it is your first time into pay per click marketing or you have had a campaign going and you want better results - we can help.

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Search Engine Optimization

Natural search engine optimization is a careful process that takes time and effort, not magic tricks. Our staff provides keyword research, on site structure recommendations, and smart link building. We provide you detailed reporting on keyword rankings and traffic from organic keywords, giving you transparency on our work.  Our pricing in natural search engine optimization is based on initial assessments and ongoing monthly management. Pricing for initial assessments range from $500 and up, with our monthly SEO work starting at $700. Our pricing is based on your site's depth, complexity, and keyword needs.

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