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Okay, I’ve been promising it for some time after my review of Google Analytics a while back, so it’s now up and running.  Really, I promise.  For those who haven’t ventured into the wild world of IndexTools/Yahoo Web Analytics, you’re really missing out on some great and unique features.  The full article can be found on the Netvantage blog, but to get you started:

Look out world!  There’s more to free analytics than Google Analytics, and it’s not a new kid on the block by any stretch.  Enter – Yahoo.

Just to catch up the uninitiated, Yahoo offers a web analytics platform which now goes by the name of Yahoo Web Analytics.  This is not a new platform or a beta launch, Yahoo actually purchased IndexTools, an established vendor and re-branded it (much the same way Google Analytics came about from the purchase of Urchin).  Anyhow, since it came from the paid space just recently, IndexTools comes well equipped with a solid set of enterprise level tools.

What’s changed since the name change?

Very little.  Aside from slapping a Yahoo logo on the interface and the reports, Yahoo Web Analytics looks and acts roughly the same way.  There has been some scaling back in terms of high end features, like the full blown version of their Bid Management PPC tool going the way of the dodo.  Additionally, there are some restrictions on the number of page views you can consume on a month to month basis.  For the vast majority of you, though, this will be nothing to worry about.

Read the full article here.

Joseph Ford

Joe Ford is a Managing Partner at Netvantage Marketing. In addition to overseeing day to day business operations of Netvantage, he directs paid search strategy and management. Ford is on the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce Executive Board of Directors, the Marketing Committee for Impression 5 Science Museum, and the Executive Board of the Capital Area IT Council. Additionally, Ford is an adjunct faculty member in the Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University.

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