Local SEO services to crush your competition.

Small business owners know better than anyone the importance of visibility in search engines. In recent years Google, Bing and Yahoo have continued to place more emphasis on local listings in search results. If your site isn't among the top listings, and your location's information isn't available within Google's map listings, your business is going unnoticed by countless customers. That's why you either need to become a local SEO expert yourself or find a trusted local SEO service provider to help you dominate your local market. Netvantage is the best local SEO company in Michigan and we've helped local businesses all over the country in any number of industries gain top rankings for difficult keywords in difficult markets. We won't gauge success by getting your company ranked for some long tail term that no one cares about, we go after the terms that will actually get people to your site.

Our local SEO services typically include:

  • Optimization of Google+ Local pages.
  • Submission to top industry citation sources, identified using industry leading tools.
  • Link building from high value, relevant local websites and directories.
  • Development and optimization of site content to gain relevance within local search queries.

How much do local SEO services cost?

Pricing for local SEO depends on a number of factors such as the number of locations your business has, the competitiveness of the market(s) you serve, the current state of your local SEO, and how aggressively you'd like to pursue more traffic. Contact us today and speak to a local SEO expert to learn more about pricing for your project.

What are some of the tools we use for local SEO?