Link Building: Get to and stay on top.

In our experience, most web development companies that say they offer SEO services only truly know how to do on-site optimization (at best) and don't offer any kind of link building service. This means that someone on their staff knows how to set up your page titles, header tags, alt tags and body copy in such a way that you're targeting quality keywords on all of your important pages. This, of course, is very important.

However, if you're in a competitive industry, having a "Google friendly" site isn't enough to help you generate traffic in and of itself. The key to high rankings is getting quality, relevant links coming in to your website. With Google's recent updates targeting spammy, low quality links like blog comments, article directories and forum comments, it's more important than ever to make sure you're getting links that will improve your rankings and won't put you in Google's doghouse (which unfortunately happens all too often with cut rate SEO link building services).

One other thing we're clear on is HOW we build you links. If a company can't explain their strategy for building you links or won't show you which links they're building for you - be warned, trouble lies ahead. Our quality link building services at Netvantage uses a number of long standing Google "white hat" techniques to build our clients links.

How we build links to your website:

  • Competitive linking – We use third party software to compile a list of the links to all of your top keyword competitors and proactively try to earn links from the same locations.
  • Niche directories – General directories no longer hold value in Google, but well maintained niche directories focused on finance and business can add value to a site. Our team will identify and submit listings to these sites.
  • Broken link building – The Netvantage staff uses a number of different software solutions to crawl the web and find out of date or removed content relevant to your industry and services. When we identify “broken” content that has a high volume of links, we recreate a new and improved version of the resource and contact the sites linking to these defunct pages and sites and tell them of the error on their site and inform them that we have a new resource to replace it with.
  • Guest blogging – Recently Google has cracked down on low quality guest blogging as many websites were basically set up as low quality content “farms.” Our staff looks for high value, hand edited blogs in relevant industries that offer guest posting options that will still pass the quality guidelines of the search engines.
  • Giveaways – Giving away weekly or monthly prizes can be an excellent way to gain mentions, links, and social media traction.
  • Product reviews - If you run an e-commerce business our team will connect you with relevant review sites who will help build your referral traffic while also helping your site obtain high quality links.
  • Sponsorships – Our staff scours donation and charity directories for low cost, high value donation and sponsorship opportunities that link back to their donors. This is another quick method for gaining high value links. 

How much do link building services cost?

Depending on how aggressively you want our team to pursue links and how competitive your industry is, we develop a custom pricing package based on the amount of hours our team will spend. For smaller clients, our pricing can start as low as $1,000 per month. For larger scale projects in competitive industries prices can go as high as $4,000 to $5,000 a month. Contact us to learn more about how our link building services can help you gain visibility.

Tools we use to build links: