Owning a plumbing company can be a lot of work. Not just doing the job, but keeping a steady flow of leads to keep the money rolling in. Like many small businesses, you have probably thought about your website and internet marketing and maybe have even hired an SEO company in the past. Just having your website up and running doesn’t cut it if you want to be found on the internet by potential new customers. That’s where search engine optimization (SEO) comes into play. Aggressive SEO can help you gain the competitive edge you need to beat your local competition.

Plumber soldering pipe above new water heaterWhat is plumber SEO?

SEO is part art and part science. Ultimately, it comes down to making your site as “Google friendly” as possible when it comes to the terms your target customers are looking for. This involves elements on your website as well as external listings on other websites. It also takes an understanding of your customers, the search engines, and the knowledge and expertise to develop a strategy and turn it into action. That’s what SEO takes at a high level, we’ll get into more detail later.

Why is SEO important for plumbers?

Go to Google and search for “plumbers in (your city, state)” and see what results return. Do you see your plumbing company at or near the top of Google’s results? If not, that means that your competition is likely taking potential customers and jobs that could be yours. If you can’t find yourself on a search engine, neither will a person who is looking for a plumber in your region. That’s why it’s important for plumbers to have a plan of attack for SEO. Better SEO means better rankings which means more website traffic and more customers.

Benefits of SEO for plumbers

As a plumber, getting new leads can be a difficult job when you’re juggling a million other day-to-day tasks. Search engine optimization can make your life easier by being a continuous source of low-effort lead generation. Some of the main benefits of SEO for plumbers include:

  • Increases traffic to your website.
  • Brings your business more qualified leads.
  • Boosts visibility and awareness of your business.

What can you expect as a plumber from SEO services?

Before signing a contract with an SEO company, it’s good to know what you should expect from plumbing SEO services. The main goal of SEO is to turn your website into a successful lead generation tool that helps you grow your business over the long-term. To turn your website into a lead generation machine, there are some specific things you’ll want from your SEO agency. Here are some things you should expect from a company that can provide top-notch SEO for plumbers.

  • Consistent communication: Communication is key in any relationship and that remains true for a business relationship as well. Your SEO company should be keeping in touch with you on a regular basis to give updates on the progress that’s being made on the project and any hurdles along the way. Typically, a detailed monthly rundown is sufficient in maintaining good communication with your SEO company. Of course, some situations may require a little more or less communication, but that can vary by your specific situation.
  • Tweaking as needed: Just as SEO is an ever-changing field, a plumber SEO campaign should also be evolving with the times. Your SEO company should be constantly looking for tweaks and updates that can be made to your content that can help your website rank higher. Until your goals are achieved, there should always be some form of changes, tests, or experiments being made to improve your results. There isn’t a single cookie-cutter approach that will work for every website.
  • Reports: Receiving regular reports is essential in keeping a tab on how your SEO project is moving along. This will give you insight into what’s being done and how your metrics have improved since the start of the project. After all, if you aren’t measuring, what’s the point? You should expect regular, detailed SEO reports regarding the successes, failures, and overall progress that has been made in your project.
  • Industry experts: Anyone can learn the basics of plumber SEO if they have the time, but do the basics cut it? Definitely not. You should expect to work with a team that has years of proven success and experience working with contractors. This is what will help your plumbing business attain more leads. An experienced team will be able to effectively communicate with you to explain the processes while also finding the best opportunities within your industry to help you grow.

Our plumbing SEO process

When it comes to our SEO process, we don’t hold anything back from you. We will walk you through what our process consists of from the initial stages to the final stages after our audit of your website. There are three high-level areas that we focus on including on-site, off-site, and site structure. We will go more in-depth with what each one of these areas consists of and why they are important when it comes to plumber SEO.


On-site SEO, also referred to as on-page SEO, involves optimizing each page of your website in hopes of ranking higher on search engines. This includes editing and adding content to pages as well as reviewing technical elements like your site speed and the code on the back end of your website.

We’ll also review your site structure and user experience. Site structure refers to how your website is organized and laid out. This structure serves as a guide for Google and other search engines when they determine your rankings as well as customers who are visiting your site. If your site structure isn’t logical and easy to use, you may find that your rankings are suffering.


On the other hand, off-site SEO refers to the elements that aren’t entirely in your control. This includes the ranking factors that are based upon factors that can’t be found directly on your website. These efforts include obtaining links to your website from other reputable websites and building more citations, or mentions of your company’s name, address, and phone number which will help determine your ranking just as your content does.

Google My Business

We’ll also review your Google My Business listing and make sure that it’s optimized. Google My Business is the tool Google offers to allow you to “feed” your business information to Google Maps. When you see local map listings in search results, this is where Google pulls that information from and having it set up correctly can have a big impact on how you show up in search results.

How plumber SEO is done

As you can tell by now, SEO is a complicated process. Many elements go into a successful plumber SEO strategy. Our process at Netvantage is straightforward and we are more than happy to share the steps that we perform to create a successful SEO strategy for your plumbing business.

Search engine optimization (SEO) audit

As we’ve discussed, SEO focuses on optimizing your website’s content, technical elements, and off-site factors to help you rank better on search engines. We start with a comprehensive SEO site audit that analyzes each page of your website. We then make recommendations based on our research to help your website gain more visibility in search results. Our recommendations could be for changes to body copy, meta titles, meta descriptions, or technical elements to improve your site’s performance. All of our recommendations are based on best practices put forth by Google.


We perform keyword research with the goal of ensuring that your plumbing services align with what local customers are already searching for. This allows us to pinpoint the right terminology to use in your site’s copywriting to make sure you, and your potential local plumbing customers, are speaking the same language. For example, if your business is located in Philadelphia, we do the necessary research to figure out how your market is searching for the services you provide. This could include “plumbers near me”, “plumbing service in Philadelphia”, “Philadelphia emergency plumber”, or other variations of these keywords. Based on our research, we will assign target keywords to be used on the different pages of your website. These recommendations are detailed in your website’s SEO audit. There are two different types of keywords that we will focus on:

  • Long tail keywords: This type of keyword refers to a longer, more specific keyword phrase that relates to plumbing. Typically, these keyword phrases will be at least three to four words and are used by potential customers who are further along in the buying process. A few examples of these type of keywords include:
    • “electric water heater installation”
    • “leaky faucet help”
    • “24-hour plumber”
    • “tankless water heater installation”
  • Location-based keywords: This type of keyword refers to those that pertain to a specific location. Some examples would include:
    • “plumbing services Philadelphia”
    • “Philadelphia plumber”

Local SEO

As a local business, different SEO elements must be prioritized to gain the right type of visibility and leads. Since your plumbing business only performs jobs in a certain service area, it is essential that you target the right audience. We focus on a few different areas when we work on optimizing your local SEO. These elements include:

  • Citations and directories: Citations are business listings on directories and websites that list your company’s name, address, and phone number (referred to by SEOs as NAP). It is crucial to have correct business information across these different listings. Google likes to display information to consumers that they are confident in and one way to build Google’s confidence is through consistent citations. A common issue that many plumbing companies have is inconsistent information or too few listings. Our team can track down and edit listings with out-of-date information as well as create new ones so that Google gains confidence in your data and is more willing to share your business’s information.
  • Google My Business (GMB): Google My Business is a tool to let you manage your free business map listing on Google. This is what potential customers will see when searching for your plumbing business on Google Maps or in the Knowledge Graph.

On this listing, you can see important information such as the business name, contact information, website address, hours of operation, and more. This is also where customers can leave Google reviews about your business and services performed. We will follow local SEO best practices as we fully optimize your listing so potential customers can find you more easily when they search.

Content creation

A huge factor that plays into improved search rankings, visibility, and traffic is great content marketing. With so much information on the internet, it is important to be developing content that consumers actually want to read. Google likes to display high-quality and informative content in search results, so it’s important that your website has content that is up to par with Google’s standards.

Our team at Netvantage will brainstorm and create ideas for content calendars that can be used for the news section or blog on your website. This will prove to potential customers that your plumbing company is well versed in a wide range of plumbing issues and that you stay current on all the latest information in the world of plumbing. Depending on your appetite for writing, our team can simply provide you with writing topics and strategy, or we can produce content for you – it’s entirely up to you.

Technical SEO

While technical SEO may appear mystifying, it is a critical SEO element that cannot be overlooked. Ensuring that your website can be properly crawled and indexed by search engines avoids lost traffic and leads, and sets you up for long-term success.

Our team can check and optimize important SEO factors like your XML sitemap, robots.txt file, and page load speeds across your entire website. We can write Schema markup code to help search engines better understand your business and give you a leg-up on your competition.

Social media

In today’s world, it is essential that your plumbing business is on some form of social media whether that be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and beyond. There are so many potential customers that can be reached by using social media to promote your business. We can help you create a strategy for social media posts on a regular basis and develop and manage ad campaigns to secure more leads for your growing plumbing business.

Pay per click (PPC)

Pay per click marketing like Google AdWords can help you extend your reach to even more customers who are searching for your services. With individualized ad campaigns, we can help you attract and convert more leads. This is a great way to build consistent local traffic and create a funnel of quick leads while your website is being optimized for SEO. Our PPC specialists will take the guesswork out of paid search and build a data-driven approach to local advertising that targets the appropriate audience.

How plumbing SEO has changed over time

Google’s algorithm is constantly changing. The same is true for plumbing SEO. There are continuous updates to ranking factors that influence how SEO should be performed on plumbing websites. To attain and maintain a high ranking on Google, it will take more than implementing a single tactic to be successful. That’s where our experienced team comes into play. We stay up to date on the latest Google trends and algorithms so that your plumbing website is always up to date with the latest techniques.

What does it take to rank over your competitors?

The point of hiring a SEO company to optimize your website is so that you can rank ahead of your competition. A high ranking, especially a ranking in the local map pack results, is worth its weight in gold, but attaining this ranking is easier said than done. There’s no magic bullet that’s going to shoot your website to the top. However, if you have a well-defined strategy that gets implemented correctly, you can achieve your SEO goals. Some of the tactics we use to help you beat your competition include:

Create better content. Sure, you can fill up each page of your plumbing website with content, but is it something your audience wants to read? Your content should be focused on quality and be written with your target audience in mind. If someone lands on your page and the content is not targeted towards their interests or needs, it’s likely that they will bounce to another site that better speaks their language. Every time that happens it’s a potentially lost customer. Google also is smart enough to tell the difference between high and low-quality content. We’ll help you produce content that meets the needs of users and Google’s algorithms. As they say, content is king, and this is true when it comes to your plumbing website.

Improve your on-page SEO. As we’ve discussed before, on-page SEO involves modifying the content on your page and looking at technical aspects of your website as a whole. It’s crucial to properly optimize each page of your website for the right keywords if you want to rank ahead of your competitors. Whether you increase your overall site speed or create new meta titles and descriptions, done correctly, each of these tactics can improve your visibility on search engines.

Increase your number of backlinks. Backlinks, the number of sites that link to your website, are a crucial element that Google considers for its ranking algorithm. The better the quality and quantity of your backlinks, the better you will rank. Guest blogging, getting listed on web directories, and mimicking competitor backlinks are just a few of the ways you can increase your backlink profile.

What should you ask yourself before selecting a plumbing SEO company?

There are a few questions you should ask yourself before selecting a plumbing SEO company. There’s a difference between an agency that will claim to get you to the number one ranking and an agency that has your plumbing company’s best interest in mind. A few examples of questions you should ask include:

Can our plumbing SEO be done in-house or is an outsourced SEO agency needed?

There are definitely some aspects of SEO that can be completed in-house by you or your team. However, completing these tasks requires a certain level of knowledge and experience to perform them properly. If you want to really rank above your competitors, it will take more than just some basic knowledge of SEO to get you where you want to be. There are hundreds of different ranking factors that Google considers in its algorithm. That’s where an SEO agency can be beneficial as they have the time and expertise to keep up with Google’s constant algorithm changes to make sure your strategy is keeping up with the times.

Are the SEO agencies I’m considering credible? Do they have experience working with plumbers or other contractors?

If you have the time to sit down and learn all there is to know about SEO, anyone can become competent at it. However, each industry is different and having niche industry experience can make the difference between successful and unsuccessful SEO strategies. You should do your due diligence to learn about the SEO agency you are considering by reading reviews, their case studies, and trying to understand their unique SEO approach. Specifically, look for reviews and case studies from other plumbing companies to see if the end results were as expected or not quite up to par. This can help you get an idea of an agency’s credibility and industry experience.

Should SEO be a marketing priority for my plumbing business right now?

SEO is essential for most businesses, big or small, who are in need of more and better leads. However, the amount of work you need to do to succeed at SEO can vary greatly. Some companies will try to sell you on lengthy contracts that you may not need. For example, if you’re in a rural area with little competition, it might only take a few months to cement your website on the top of Google’s rankings, particularly if your competitors aren’t particularly savvy when it comes to digital marketing. If that’s the case, you may not need a long-term contract. It’s usually good to talk to two or three SEO companies before you sign a contract so you can get a feel for how big of a priority SEO needs to be for you, and how much of an investment you should make.

Before you start talking to an SEO firm, it is important to ask yourself what your business is trying to achieve in terms of marketing with your budget. That should help you get a better scope of whether SEO should be a priority for your plumbing business right now or later down the road.

Ready to let us handle your plumbing SEO?

Interested in seeing what we are all about and how we can perform as an SEO provider for your plumbing business? Our team is standing by and ready to talk with you about your business goals. Whether you have questions for us or are ready to get started, just fill out the contact form or call us at 1-877-204-0234.