Want to be Google's top ranked plumber in your area?

We know that it can be hard to grow your plumbing business while keeping up with all of your daily tasks. Many plumbers are frustrated because they spend good money on a website that is not improving their business’ search engine rankings, traffic, and more importantly, leads. This usually happens because most “do it all” web design companies are not experts in plumber SEO, or SEO in general. At Netvantage Marketing, we focus entirely on search engine optimization because it is what we do best and this allows us to stay up to date on the latest trends, changes, and techniques in the world of SEO. We are able to help plumbers grow their business and drive leads because we are not a web design company fronting as SEO plumbing experts, SEO is all we do.

Why choose Netvantage for your plumber SEO services?

Rifling through the endless sales pitches from online marketing service companies can get old but it is important that you work with a company that has the best interest in mind for your plumbing business. At Netvantage we are not pushy and pride ourselves on being completely transparent with our plumber SEO clients. While you may not have knowledge of SEO, we are happy to let you come behind the curtain and explain what we’re doing, why we’re doing it and how your hard earned money is being spent.

Have we mentioned that search engine marketing is all we do here? While ‘do it all’ web design companies are great at creating websites, that is where most of their profit comes from so they are not spending their free time keeping up with the ever-changing SEO tactics. This means when they ‘do it all’ they are often using outdated SEO strategies that are no longer competitive or long term. Your plumbing company deserves to work with SEO professionals that know what is happening RIGHT NOW, and that is Netvantage Marketing.

Measuring success

An on-going problem we see happening with digital marketing companies and SEO marketing strategies is the lack of measurement. There is no way to see what growth is being made without tracking key performance measures. If you are going to make the investment into SEO services, you should at least be able to see how our work is improving various parts of your business. We know business at Netvantage which is why from the very beginning we start identifying key metrics to track and analyze. Here are some metrics that can be tracked:

  • Search engine rankings for target keywords
  • Contact forms completed
  • Phone calls
  • Downloads of forms
  • Overall website traffic and traffic from search engines

Each month we provide our plumber SEO clients with an internet marketing report that shows and explains how key metrics are performing. These reports also help identify trends, new opportunities, areas of improvement for our client’s SEO campaigns.

We are thought leaders in SEO

We have gotten our hands dirty with SEO for more than 10 years now even developing SEO tools, like our Domain Hunter Plus extension that is used by professionals in the industry. Our consistent results and credibility has allowed our staff at Netvantage opportunities to contribute to high rated publications like Moz.com and Search Engine Journal. Do you know any other plumber SEO companies with that kind of record?

How plumber SEO is done

We tell our clients that plumber SEO is not rocket science and anyone could learn how if they had the time and patience. However, we are aware that most plumbers are so busy that they barely have enough time for themselves let alone teach themselves a whole new industry. That’s why we're here, our straightforward process backed by our experience allow us to deliver results. Take a look at what we do:

Keyword research. This research is designed to show us where your plumbing services align with what potential customers are already searching for. This allows us to find a focus for each client so we can help them grow and remain competitive. For example, if your business is located in Philadelphia, PA we do the necessary research to figure out how your market is searching for services you provide. This could include “plumbers near me” or “plumbing service in Philadelphia”.

SEO audit. Our keyword research will find various target keywords for each page on your website. We then go through and make recommendations by optimizing each page’s body copy, meta information and page titles with those keywords. During this audit we will thoroughly examine your website adding, editing or removing content as well as including various technical information search engines look at like schema, site speed and backlinks.

Google My Business optimization. The information taken for map listings seen on Google is created by the data in Google My Business. To meet the local SEO requirements Google wants, we will fully optimize your listing so potential customers can find you.

Reviews. As a business owner, a customer leaving a positive review on your Google My Business is almost like free advertising. Potential customers will take a look at your reviews and weight that information heavily as they make a decision on which company to contact. If you don’t have any reviews, there’s no social proof that your company is as good or better than your competitors. Go ahead and do a quick Google search for your own business.

  • Do you see a lot of reviews or none at all?
  • Are the reviews within the last few weeks or are they outdated?

These are important questions to consider. Consistently receiving reviews, whether good or bad, will help Google and customers build trust in your business. As our plumber SEO client, we will create an effective plan for helping you get more reviews so that your high-quality work will be shared and seen by potential customers and Google.

Citation building. Google likes to display information to consumers that they are confident in and one way build your reputation with search engines is through citations. Citations are business listings on various directories and websites that have your name, address and phone number. Having incorrect or too few listings is an issue many plumbing companies have. Our team is able to track down and edit listings as well as create new ones so that Google wants to share your business’ information.

Content development. A huge factor that plays into rankings, traffic and results pages is great content marketing. With so much information on the internet it is important to be developing content that consumers actually want to read. The team at Netvantage will brainstorm and create ideas for content calendars that can be used for the news section or blog on your website. This will prove to potential customers that your plumbing company stays current on all of the latest information in plumbing.

Link building. As previously mentioned, search engines want to show consumers websites and businesses they believe in. Having credible websites link to your website will increase this sense of trust between your company and search engines. We continuously search for new opportunities to build quality links for our plumber SEO clients

Ongoing review and reporting. Your plumbing business will receive a thorough report of our team’s progress on SEO tasks throughout the length of our engagement. Your monthly report will include a rundown of key metrics as well as new opportunities to grow traffic and leads.

Are you ready to grow your business?

Interested in seeing what we are all about and how we can perform as an SEO provider for your plumbing business? Our team is standing by and ready to talk with you about your business goals. Just fill out the contact form or call us at 1-877-204-0234.