Have a professional clean up your PPC campaign.

If you have an Adwords or other paid search campaign in place it might be a good idea to have a PPC audit to make sure you’re spending your money wisely. Are your keywords using the right match types?  Are you getting the wrong clicks? Is your average cost per click too high? Is your visitor bounce rate way too high?  These are common problems that clients have when asking for a PPC audit.  We will review your campaigns, edit them for improvements, re-launch, and monitor our changes.  Work includes:

  • Evaluation of keyword selection and click through rates
  • Emphasis on a decrease of clicks, but an increase in quality
  • Improving visitor retention to your site, and implement goal tracking
  • For e-commerce clients, review of the current return on click and the relationship of cost to revenue per keyword

How much does a PPC audit cost?

We gauge our pricing on the scale and depth of your current campaign - taking into consideration the complexity of your campaigns with geography, ad groups, extensions, and Google Analytics goal tracking.