Easy Link Bait Ideas

Link Building is tough. It’s especially tough if you don’t have enough time to devote to building links to your website, don’t have the knowledge or ability to create linkable content, or don’t know all the right places you should target to get links from.

I’ve picked four of my favorite go-to link bait ideas that will help address all of those problems.

  1. They don’t take too long to put together.
  2. They’re not too difficult to put together.
  3. I’ll give you a few examples of places you could pitch your newly created content to.

Geographic Directory

This one may take a bit of creativity if you’re in a very specific industry, but it’s certainly easy to put together and you end up with a lot of link targets. If you happen to be a distributor of specific steel products, you may want to look into putting together a state by state directory of metal detecting clubs. As long as there’s an active audience of people separated by distance, they’ll want a way to network and communicate with one another. Gather up all of their websites, contact information and other details worth listing, and sort it out into appropriate categories.  While you’re at it, take all the websites you include, and make a Google custom search engine out of them. Once you’ve put it all together, target these groups for links:

  • Everyone you included in the directory (be sure to ask if it’s okay that you included them).
  • Anyone linking to outdated or no longer maintained related directories.
  • Websites and blogs in the industry of the directory.

Online Quiz

People love testing their knowledge on things they know nothing about, and if you can put together a quiz on a topic that’s somewhat related to your industry, you’ve got quite an easy way to put together links. I’ve always used Pro Profs to put together my quizzes, but I’m sure there are many other options out there that could be better. All you need to do is gather a decent amount of interesting information, put it together in a quiz, make it pretty with some pictures, and you’ve got yourself some link bait goodness! I’ve found that the majority of quizzes that receive decent links are for the K-12 range, so making it somewhat appealing to kids will probably make it appealing to more websites. Here’s a few places to try your luck once you’ve got your quiz put together:

Career Resource

You most likely had to go through a lot of steps to have the career in your industry, so let the world know how they can follow in your footsteps. Helpful job tips, classes to take, and where and how to apply to positions would be valuable information for any student or job seeker. If you want help putting it together, use HARO to get input from other professionals in your industry. They’ll love the recognition, and it makes the resource look much better coming from a variety of sources. Places to look for links may include sites like:

Top 10 Award

Everyone likes getting recognized for their achievements, and they also like to let everyone know about it. Put together a list of your favorite websites or bloggers in your industry, include a description about what they do and why they’re great, and then let them know about the great award they’ve just won. If you have decent success with it the first time around, you can easily turn this award into an annual event or contest. Places to look for a link may include:

  • Everyone in who made the list
  • Blogs, Companies, Organizations that assist the winner

If you want to take it a step further, you can include a pretty badge on the page with html code that they can add to their website. Find an image on a site like stock.xchng or flickr that you have permission to use, make edits with Paint or some other photo editing software, and then upload the photo to your site. Provide this code on the page, so people can post the image that will link back to your site:

<a href=”http://www.your-site.com” title=”Name Of The Award “><img src=”http://www.your-site.com/where-your-image-is-uploaded.png”></a>


Helpful hint: If you want to find more websites to target for your link bait, take a suggested website listed above and do a “related” search in Google: “related:www.suggestedwebsite.com”


Michael Hall

Michael Hall is an Account Manager at Netvantage Marketing, which specializes in SEO, PPC and social media. Mike also runs our Chicago office.

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