5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be On Instagram

Instagram has easily become the most popular social media, especially with millennials like me. Instagram has 700 million active users posting, liking, commenting and watching stories about different brands every day. There’s something about photos that really speak to people. There are even users on Instagram whose jobs are to simply post about products and services on their accounts and get paid for it. You may think this is crazy, but it works. This is just one of the many ways businesses can leverage Instagram for marketing.

Your followers will see your content

Facebook and Twitter both have the ability to mute posts from pages and people. You can hide stories on Instagram but you have to completely unfollow someone if you don’t want to see their posts. This means if your followers check Instagram every day, they will see your post. However, Instagram does have a tricky algorithm that is great for marketers if you use it right. Instagram shows posts on your feed first based on their relevance to you and how popular they are. If you’re constantly engaging with followers and posting great content, your content will be at the top of your follower’s feeds.

The ability to leverage influencers

As mentioned, influencers own the Instagram universe. They’ve built their massive followings since Instagram’s beginning. They post content that’s relevant to their followers and, in turn, they gain thousands of more followers and they help businesses. This is a great new form of paid media that gets your product or service exposed to a new audience. When searching for an influencer to partner with, pay attention to their amount of sponsored posts, how active they are, and what industries they typically promote. For example, if your business is in the health food industry, you should be looking for influencers who are healthy cooking bloggers. You could pitch your sponsored post by incorporating your product into a recipe that they could make and post photos of on Instagram.

Engagement opportunities

According to Brandwatch, engagement with brands on Instagram is 10 times higher than Facebook, 54 times higher than Pinterest and 84 times higher than Twitter. If you look at any Instagram account with thousands of followers, they also have thousands of comments on their photos. Instagram is easy to check on the go and like photos as you’re scrolling through your feed. Visuals speak to consumers, they’re more likely to share or talk about a compelling photo than a 170-character tweet.

It’s great for showing your brand personality

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Instagram doesn’t just have to be used for basic photos of products. Brands leverage Instagram to post customer photos or candid photos. It’s a great way to show the fun side of the day-to-day and your followers are more willing to engage with a fun photo that isn’t just for advertising a product. Take photos around the city your home office is in, show the behind the scenes of your products being made or post photos of celebrities using your products.

Customer potential

Instagram offers many ways to increase your customer base and searches for your brand. If you use a specific hashtag on your post, it will show up when users search that hashtag or click on it from a different post. However, you must make your account public for your post to be seen via a hashtag or location. The same goes for location tags on posts. However, be sure to use hashtags sparingly and don’t have more hashtags than copy.

Some businesses change out the web link in their bio based on new products or services they offer. Popular clothing brands, like Lulu’s, post photos of their clothing and write “link to shop this look in bio” at the end of the post. It’s so easy to shop on Instagram when you’re taken right to the product you’re looking at.

Breanna Ratering

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