Is your website generating new business?

Roofing is a competitive industry to be in and making sure potential customers can find your business easily is as important as ever. One of the best ways to grow your business while remaining competitive is with roofing SEO. Many roofing businesses have spent good money on websites that are not increasing their traffic or leads. These roofing websites are not performing as they should because oftentimes web design companies are not experts in SEO. Here at Netvantage Marketing, we focus solely on SEO because we know that is the last thing a roofing contractor has time to learn. We are able to deliver the results your company deserves because we are not a web design company fronting as a roofing SEO company; SEO is what we’re best at and all we do.

Why choose Netvantage for your roofing SEO services?

If you’re tired of receiving seemingly endless sales pitches from digital marketing companies, you’ve come to the right place. At Netvantage, we pride ourselves on being transparent, not pushy, and allowing our roofing SEO clients see what we’re doing. While you may not have extensive knowledge of SEO, our goal is to break it down so you are able to see how your money is being spent.

Have we mentioned that search engine marketing is all we do? The companies that “do it all” make nearly all of their profit off of building websites, because that is what they’re good at. The issue is that when design is a company’s focus, they are unable to stay up to date on the ever changing world of SEO. Using SEO tactics from 2016 is counterproductive and will not stand a chance against the competition in the roofing industry. You deserve to work with professionals that keep their eyes on all things SEO. Since Netvantage focuses on roofing SEO services, we are able to stay on top of the newest trends and techniques to help roofing companies gain more traffic, rank higher on search engines and most importantly, land more leads.

How we measure success

A lack of measurement is a problem we see frequently in an SEO strategy or in online marketing in general. If you are going to spend your hard earned money on roofing SEO services, you need to be able to see your progress by tracking key metrics. At Netvantage, we understand business which is why we take every opportunity from the very beginning to identify, track and analyze key performance measurements. These metrics can include:

  • Search engine rankings for target keywords
  • Contact forms completed
  • Phone calls
  • Downloads of forms
  • Overall website traffic and traffic from search engines

For our clients each month we create an internet marketing report that analyzes and explains key performance metrics. This allows us to watch trends as well as find new opportunities and areas of improvement in our client’s SEO campaigns.

We are thought leaders in SEO

At Netvantage we have developed popular SEO tools that have been used by others in the industry like our Domain Hunter Plus Google Chrome extension. We’ve been on the front lines of SEO for over a decade which has allowed our staff to contribute to high rated SEO publications like Search Engine Journal and How many other roofing SEO companies have this kind of street cred?

How roofing SEO is done

It doesn’t take a genius to learn SEO; realistically anyone can do it so long they have the time and patience. We know as a roofer, you are busy with projects and growing your business and probably get hardly any downtime let alone time to learn a whole new industry...which is why we’re here! Our process is effective and straightforward:

Keyword research. The goal of this research is to find the keywords where the roofing services you provide align with how potential customers are searching for those services. If your business is located in Cleveland, Ohio we will do the necessary research to see if those in your market are searching for “roof repair near me” or “roofing in Cleveland”. This research is an integral part of our efforts as it helps figure out the focus for each client.

SEO audit. After we complete the keyword research, we will thoroughly examine your website’s current state while making recommendations about the best way to optimize the meta description, body copy and page title for the targeted keywords. During this audit we may add, remove or edit content as well as suggest technical improvements. We also include a range of technical aspects that search engines look at like schema, links and site speed.

Google My Business optimization. Google map listings are created by data from Google My Business, which is Google’s local business sector. We will fully optimize your listing so it meets the local SEO requirements Google is looking for.

Reviews. According to BrightLocal’s study on online reviews, 86% of people read reviews for local businesses, but only 40% of consumers will look at the reviews that have been written in the past two weeks. Reviews are the new word-of-mouth, which makes it incredibly important for your business and services to regularly get reviews on Google My Business and other platforms. Do a search for your roofing business:

  • How many reviews do you have?
  • Are the reviews recent or outdated?

Consistent reviews will help your business appear trustworthy to search engines. If you are lacking reviews we are able to generate more reviews from your customers so potentials can see proof of your quality work.

Citation building. In order to show up in local searches like, “roof repair near me”, Google has to be confident that your information is accurate. One way to prove this is through consistent citations across directories. These citations include the basic information about your business like the name, address and phone number. If this information is wrong on different business listings, Google will not be confident in sharing your business to searchers. Our team is able to find and fix current listings as well as create new ones to increase your business’ credibility.

Content development. One of the most important factors in rankings, results pages and traffic is good content. Creating content that your audience and potential clients are searching for will help build the trust and credibility of your website. At Netvantage, we help clients by brainstorming and creating content calendars for a blog or news section of your website. This will show that your business stays on top of the latest roofing topics.

Link building. As mentioned above, search engines increase their confidence in websites that have links pointing at them. These links show that something about your business or content was worth linking on their website, giving search engines their endorsement. We will continuously search for new opportunities to gain quality links and directory listings.

Ongoing review and reporting. We will provide your roofing business with a detailed report of our progress. These reports will assess where we need to improve while also finding new opportunities to increase your traffic, rankings and leads for your business.

Are you ready to grow your business?

If you’re tired of your current roofing SEO provider, or you just want someone to shoot you straight, give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer your questions and walk you through our process. Give us a call at 1-877-204-0234 or fill out the contact form below to send us an email.