White Label PPC

We have worked with several marketing and ad agencies over the last 6 years on their clients' pay per click campaigns. We have the experience to manage campaigns effectivley for your clients, while you add the value of your overall marketing strategy, advertising and design skills, etc. We understand that executing white label PPC services and managing that partnership can be complex, but with our experience we know how to effectively navigate these complexities. Our team also has the experience to help educate you and your client on how effective white label PPC works.

As we do with our end clients, we execute high performance white label PPC campaigns including:

  • Smart keyword research and keyword matching
  • Ad copy testing with consistent messaging with your client's brand
  • Extension testing
  • Usage of Google Analytics to guide campaign decisions 

Our reports come in white label templates and are produced to meet you and your client's desired frequency. This allows you to go over the data and add in your insights to the client. Depending on the partnership opportunity we are equally comfortable acting as a behind the scenes white label partner or as a visible extension of your organization - it's up to you and the relationship with your client.