The Pros & Cons of Twitter’s Changes

twitter-bigIn late May, Twitter announced some changes they will be making to their platform. Some of the changes are large, while others are smaller. The changes are still considered to be “coming soon” but there are already some positive and negative aspects of the changes swirling around. Below are the upcoming changes and how they can be beneficial or how they will backfire.

@TwitterHandle is No Longer included in 140-Character Limit

Replying to someone with an extremely long Twitter handle severely limits your characters for a response. Now the Twitter handle won’t count in the 140-character limit.

Positives: More characters, who wouldn’t be excited about that! A lot of companies are now using Twitter for customer service, so this will allow companies to provide a slightly more detailed response to their customers.

Negatives: Nothing too negative about this one.

Media Attachments No Longer Count Toward 140-Character Limit

Adding a picture took up over 20 characters, therefore cutting down on your characters to compose a tweet.

Positives: Once again, yay for more characters! Buffer did a study showing the increase in engagement when an image is included in a tweet. By allowing media attachments “free of charge,” a lot of Twitter accounts should see higher engagement numbers.

Negatives: Timelines might soon be taken over by images, making it similar to Instagram. This might cause people, and/or brands to favor one platform over the other.

The Ability to RT and Quote Yourself

Twitter has allowed individuals and companies to “like” their own tweets, but with the upcoming changes, users can now retweet or quote themselves.

Positives: Important announcements and news tweets will be easier to share and reach the public quicker with the ability to RT or quote yourself.

Negatives: Some people and brands think their tweets are really important and might take advantage of this a little too much. It may clog your timeline more than necessary.

Everything is Now a Conversation

It won’t be necessary to add a period before the @ of a tweet when you’re having a conversation and want it to show up on everyone’s timeline. Currently, if I were to reply to a Netvantage tweet, the only people who would see it on my timeline are those who followed both myself and Netvantage. If I started the tweet with .@ then it would show up in everyone’s timeline. Now the .@ won’t be necessary.

Positives: You have one more character, and every character counts!

Negatives: Your conversations just became a little less private, not that they were really private to start with. Now everyone will see your back-and-forth on their timeline, instead of just the people who follow both of you.

Lexie Kimball

Lexie is an Account Manager at Netvantage Marketing, an online marketing company that specializes in SEO, PPC and social media. At Netvantage, Lexie assists with online marketing campaigns and social media outreach.

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