Meaningless web analytics reports

In the grand scheme of innovative technology, some things outlive their utility yet are grandfathered into assumed relevance almost infinitely.  Web analytics, still in its formative years, has many such […] Read More

What’s in the blender…

I know it’s been some time since my Google Analytics bit, where I promised the follow up with a review of Yahoo Web Analytics/IndexTools, and I just want everyone to […] Read More

Google, can we be friends again?

Okay, despite my recent hissy-fit against Google because I didn’t get to play with their new features, I have to make sure that I do my best Fox News ad […] Read More

Google, why hast thou forsaken me?

I was pretty impressed when Google announced the addition of enterprise level features to Google Analytics.  Of course, I felt this was an obvious knee jerk reaction to my previous […] Read More