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How many times have you done a search for restaurants near me on your phone? What about searching for a specific restaurant to call and make a reservation? The internet and apps are often the places someone goes to find a restaurant, making an eateries website and online footprint the first impression for a customer. With this being said, we recommend restaurant owners run through this checklist to help get more customers through your doors.

Click to Call Accessibility

First and foremost, your website needs to be mobile-friendly. Possible patrons are going to be accessing your site at a much higher rate than a desktop. Within this, make sure that when a user on their phone attempts to click on your phone number, it is enabled to launch a click to call feature. Or, at the very least, they can copy and paste the number. Having your phone number embedded in an image makes it impossible for a customer to call you when they are most likely on the go. Google has a great guide on click to call.

Gift Card Ordering

Even though the holiday season has come and gone, gift cards can still be a good source of purchases for your restaurant. If your website doesn’t have a shopping cart installed to process gift cards, be sure to have an easy call out for instructions on gift cards. This may include a quick email, phone, and contact person so that customers can order.

If the site does have a shopping cart in place for gift card ordering, make sure getting to that process can be easily found, right off the home page. Don’t make your possible buyers hunt for ordering. Keep it simple and allow them to add to cart, process and be on with their day right away.

Easy to Find Hours

Another common task that users coming to your site for is your hours of operation. Don’t bury this information on the contact us page. Go on your phone, look at your own website and figure out where you can list your days and hours of operation clearly. Somewhere on the home page is a good spot, in a prominent location.

Create & Manage Your Google My Business Listing

Google My Business is a must for any small business; eateries, brewpubs, and restaurants are no exception. If you haven’t gone through the registration process yet, do it. Sign up here at Doing so will allow you to register your restaurant with Google My Business and help get your eatery listed in Google search results when users in your area search for places to eat or drink. Additionally, it will allow you to respond to customer reviews and share any deals on your listing too.

Advanced Tip: Using Google Insights To Your Advantage

In addition to looking at your reviews, the Insights tab in Google My Business provides valuable information about how users are getting to your listing. They show you the percentage of users that searched for your business name or address, those that searched for the category you listed your business under, which would likely be restaurant in this case. They also provide you with the percentage of users that searched for another brand but clicked on your listing instead. The Insights will also have the actual search queries and help you determine how customers are referring to your business as. For example, users may be searching for you not by your real name, but by a shortened name or a nickname. Learn more about utilizing Google My Business Insights here.

Many local pubs, eateries, and restaurants use the web as a competitive advantage. Sadly many do not as they may feel intimidated as to what to do online. These above steps are some quick tips that should not require too many technical resources to execute and help you get a leg up on the competition in 2019.

Joseph Ford

Joe Ford is a Managing Partner at Netvantage Marketing. In addition to overseeing day to day business operations of Netvantage, he directs paid search strategy and management. Ford is on the Marketing Committee for Impression 5 Science Museum, and the Executive Board of the Capital Area IT Council. He was previously a member of the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce Executive Board of Directors for 8 years. Additionally, Ford is an adjunct faculty member in the Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University.

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