Netvantage’s 8th Anniversary: The Evolution of Our Website

Happy birthday Netvantage! Today we are officially 8 years old. For our 8th birthday, we decided to take a look back at Netvantage’s website through the years.

Netvantage’s First & Original Website Design — 2008

Unfortunately, doesn’t have a good shot of Netvantage’s original website. From what we can see of the original website, it would not be up to Google’s standards today. It has far too little content on the home page! Google needs more than one sentence…

Netvantage’s Second Website Design — 2009

February 2009

Netvantage has a fairly basic website in 2009. There was a lot of content — some of which is shown in the screenshot below — something Google would definitely approve of today!
Netvantage Feb. 2009

The page title (Netvantage | Search Engine Marketing, SEO | Lansing, Michigan) was decent. Since localized search marketing wasn’t as common in 2009, the page title worked in 2009. In this day and age, it would need improvements.

March 2009

While the design of the website didn’t change much over the next year, more content was added, including this video (which we found very entertaining).

January 2011

Joe and Adam removed the “About Netvantage” video and decided to highlight some of the clients Netvantage works with. Some of these clients are still around today! The website remained very similar until it was redesigned at the end of the year.

Netvantage Website February 2011

Netvantage’s Third Website Design — 2011

Toward the end of 2011, Netvantage launched its third website design. The updated design was a major upgrade. It moved away from the green on the previous website and went with blue, black and purple for the new design. While this was a much fancier website than the 2009 design, it would be lacking the content Google is looking for today.

Netvantage Feb. 2012

Very little changed with the design of the website over the next few years. The biggest change was the addition of the Grand Rapids office page when it opened in 2012.

Netvantage’s Current & Fourth Website Design — 2014

Netvantage’s current web design was another major upgrade, thanks to Nicholas Creative. Our current website includes more content, especially on our service pages. We also included case studies, another plus for Google. While we have more content, the site also incorporated more images as well as appropriate services icons.

Netvantage Marketing

Netvantage Marketing is a search engine marketing company founded in 2008. We assist businesses in a variety of industries with search engine optimization and paid search management.

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