How Playing Tennis Prepared Me For An SEO Career


For non-tennis fans, the US open kicked off earlier this week. It’s an exciting one with Serena Williams trying to complete a grand slam. While I was watching tennis, I started to think about how playing the sport for 15 years prepared me for a career in SEO. A strange comparison, but the two have more in common than you may think. Here is what I came up with:


My biggest problem in tennis was patience, but eventually I learned the importance of it. Being patient allows you to set up the point and wait for the right opportunity to attack. This learned patience helped me significantly when I started as an intern at Netvantage. It is easy to get frustrated in SEO when you don’t see instantaneous results, especially when you are first starting out in the industry. It takes time, lots and lots of time, to get the results you are hoping for and having patience really helps as a newbie.


Persistence and the drive to get better are essential in any sport. In an industry that never stays the same for long, persistence while working in SEO is important. You have to be willing to keep learning and keep up with the latest industry news or you will continuously struggle.

Persistence is also important for link building and removal. When you are going through the tedious process of link removal, being persistent is a must! At Netvantage, we reach out to a website multiple times asking for a link to be removed because we disavow it. It is a long process and persistence is the key to success.

Scout the Competition

Finding out how strong your competition is can be important in any sport and especially in SEO. Knowing what you’re up against can help you prepare and reevaluate your game plan, making you an even stronger competitor. When trying to rank out better than someone else, the best thing you can do is to look at their techniques and strategies. Where did they get their backlinks from? What are other sites linking to on the competitor’s sites? What does their site content look like; do they have a lot of keyword rich content? Scouting the competition is always a good place to start when kicking off a new SEO campaign.

Tennis was a lot of fun to play while growing up, but I never expected it to teach me as much as it did. The skills I learned really did carry over into life-long skills that will continue to help me in SEO.

Lexie Kimball

Lexie is an Account Manager at Netvantage Marketing, an online marketing company that specializes in SEO, PPC and social media. At Netvantage, Lexie assists with online marketing campaigns and social media outreach.

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