Google Continues to Improve Google My Business

I recently wrote about utilizing Google My Business insights after the platform made numerous beneficial changes. It seems like Google isn’t slowing down with their changes either. It’s possible that Google is trying to improve the platform since they have decided to shut down Google+, one of their many failed attempts at a social media platform. Read on to find out more of Google’s recent changes that I think are worth highlighting.

Create a Listing Before Your Business Opens

Google announced that businesses who are in the process of opening can now have Google My Business listings. The business still has to go through the process of being verified, but once they are, the business listing will show in the search engine results up to 90 days before the business’ opening. This is extremely beneficial for businesses who are in the process of construction or remodeling a space as it can help create more business awareness prior to opening.

Service Areas

Google My Business will now be set up so your address and service area are separate. Previously business would put down an address and then select a service area. Now it can be done one of two ways. If a company offers their services as their location and then also provides services, they can list their address and service areas. If the company does not offer services at their location, then they simply fill out the service area section.

This change got rid of the “I serve customers X miles around my business” option. The easiest way to do a search area is to use zip codes or region or city.

Branded Insights

In my previous blog post that I mentioned, I showed that you can now see search queries for the discover and direct categories. Well, Google has expanded their breakdown. In addition to discover and direct, there is now a branded category. In order for a search to be considered for the branded category, the customer would have to search for a brand related to your business. The example I came across that explained it best said it would be like someone searching for McDonald’s and seeing your fast food establishment.


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