Combining the Powers of Check My Links and Markup for Link Building

In my link building experience, I’ve found that one of the most tedious and time consuming parts of link building is informing a webmaster or content owner of a webpage which links on their site are actually broken. I’ve often found that the more value I can provide for them, the more likely that they will be inclined to scratch my back as well. However, time is valuable, and I’m often faced with situations where the page has 50+ links, and half of them are broken, which gives me three options:

  1. Give them only one or two broken links that are directly related to my website or resource that I want them to link to. This is the quick and easy way, but the webmaster may not take the time to update two out of a hundred links.
  2. Give them a list of the first five or ten that I happen to see. This gives the webmaster a good reason to actually update the page (and hopefully include my link too) but I know there are many more links that should be corrected.
  3. Report all the broken links I can find. This certainly provides the most value to the webmaster, but who has the time to actually do that every time?

That’s where I’ve found combining two awesome Chrome Extensions, Check My Links and Markup, to help me in those specific situations.

By themselves, both extensions are a must have for anyone that works with websites. Check My Links quickly identifies broken links on a single webpage by highlighting them and displaying their error code if one exists. Markup allows you to draw and write on a webpage, and then share your work of art to others in the form of a link. After you run Check My Links on the page, run Markup, and all the highlighted link information will still be there. As an example, I used Check My Links on the SEOmoz Directory List page, and then used Markup to create a broken links report:

It took me less than a minute to put everything together, and I can instantly share a cool looking broken links report to an appreciative webmaster.

Before you ask, both Check My Links and Markup are currently only available in Chrome. I’d love to learn about a similar combination of add-ons to achieve the same results in Firefox. Also, in order to “publish” a Markup URL, you have to make some sort of edit to the page. I usually make a quick edit and then delete it, which then allows you to publish the URL. I’d love to hear your thoughts and/or ideas, so feel free to share them in the comments!

Michael Hall

Michael Hall is an Account Manager at Netvantage Marketing, which specializes in SEO, PPC and social media. Mike also runs our Chicago office.

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