White label SEO and PPC services for ad agencies & web development firms

Online marketing continues to be a growing and important aspect of your clients' campaigns. We are ready to be the search marketing agency you can turn to for client results. We work with your staff to ensure that search marketing is a strong complement to the campaigns you execute. We will handle keyword research, on site SEO recommendations, pay per click campaigns, and traffic reports while you focus on your marketing strengths. Services we provide to your clients are:

  • Site SEO audits
  • Ongoing SEO link building campaigns
  • Pay per click campaigns
  • Web analytics consulting
  • Banner ad placement
  • Facebook advertising

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Why partner with Netvantage?

All we do at Netvantage is search and placement advertising. We are focused on campaign performance and digital marketing trends. This allows you to do what you do best. We can be a tool to insert into your clients' overall marketing campaigns. Stick to what you do - let us worry about search.

We can white label SEO and PPC services, or be a visible partner

We can strictly work with you. We can interact only with your firm to produce high performing campaigns and then you get the credit. Or, we can be a visible partner within your agency – it is up to you.

Strengthen your ongoing client relationships

You may do web projects for your client. You finally launch the site, help them populate content – and then what? They go away, you move onto the next project, and your relationship with them is reduced to a Holiday card. Or, your client asks for help with search marketing, and all of a sudden another agency is getting their hooks into your client. We can help you prevent both scenarios. Introducing search marketing to their business approach will help develop an ongoing relationship. You can provide an ongoing value proposition to the client – while you also have the opportunity to gain recurring revenue.

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